What’s next after the Alpha release of Sifu?

We’re listening what are our alpha users telling us and so far the feedback was extremely useful. We’re also preparing a few major updates for the next product release based on the needs of the early customers and our gut.

Last five months we’ve worked closely with a group of early adopters and have helped them build products with Sifu. We’ve noticed that there is space for a few improvements that can give you an even better Sifu experience.

Here’s what we’re working on:

Improved API Sifu-DSL — The new API for the Sifu DSL will be much simpler to grasp and far easier to use. It will enable you to do more, straight from the Sifu specs.

Sifu editor — Sifu editor will give a comprehensive developer experience when writing your application’s specification in the Sifu-DSL. We are rolling out features like syntax highlighting, code completion and integration with the CLI.

PHP/Laravel server template — Soon, you’ll be able to create PHP and Laravel based server side applications with Sifu. PHP people prepare for testing!

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please write to us. We’d appreciate any feedback you might have and enjoy speaking with our early users.