Minor product update on August 17th

Thank you all for a great feedback! These updates wouldn’t be possible without you, our users.

The updates we are rolling out are the following:

Command line tool fixes:

  • On the first Sifu run, on Windows in the non-admin mode, after accepting the Terms of Use the tool reported an unrecognized error because of file saving permissions and a small bug in the .bat script.

Docker fixes:

  • Windows couldn’t read node modules. The fix was made in the dev.yml script. We’ve added volume for node_modules that were missing in order to run web applications with Docker on Windows. Mind that Windows 10 is the only Windows-based operating system that fully supports Docker.

Java template fixes:

  • When an API has an endpoint that uses principal in a query the principal repository was missing.

AngularJS template fixes:

  • The index.js run method used the wrong name for page transition, signIn fixed to signInPage.
  • Changing paths for SignInPage, SignUpPage, VerifyEmailPage and ForgotPasswordPage to snake case, e.g. sign-in, sign-up…

Smaller fixes:

  • Sifu debug file is now generated, it represents how specification actually looks like after postprocessing.
  • Changing a keyword in DSL: from action to permission.

How to update:

For now, you can update your Sifu version by downloading the newest version and replacing the existing files with the newly downloaded ones. On the first run, Sifu will prompt you to agree to the ToU for the current version. We’re working on automating the update process at the moment.

If you have feedback or any kind of questions please write to us.

Have a great day.