Sifu Atom plugin released

For any specification language, or the matter of fact any language, a good editor is needed. So, to make writing Sifu specifications easier and more intuitive, we’ve created a plugin for the Atom editor.

To install the plugin start Atom, navigate to Packages > Settings view > Install Packages/Themes > search for Sifu and click install.

Sifu Editor

The editor was a logical step in the development of the product, as the overall user experience has much improved with its edition to the Sifu as a product in whole.

Writing Sifu specifications is now much smoother with real-time validations and syntax highlighting. The editor is designed to make transforming specifications into code easier. Besides keyword highlighting and general validations the editor is linked to the tool itself, so when the specifications are written real-time validation errors are shown, helping further speed up the development.

Down the road, we plan to improve the editor with more advanced auto-complete functionalities and also plan to make an InteliJ plugin.

Let us know how we can further improve Sifu.

Keep building!